Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scottish Regiment Enters Green Square 1943

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A British military bagpipe band performed at the 1949 ceremony the graves of the American sailors from the USS Intrepid at the Old Protestant Cemetery when the USS Spokane put into port. Also in attendance was a descendant of the Karamanli brothers, bay Yousef of Tripoli, and his brother Hammid, who the US backed and rallied to take the east coastal city of Dernah. Before they began to march on Tripoli however, Yousef made a deal for peace, a treaty that was accepted by the United States that paid him $60,000 for the release of the 300 prisoners from the USS Philadelphia and allowed him to stay in power.

Ghadafi likes the bag pipes too, and paid for a New Zealand bagpipe band to march in the parade and perform at Green Square during the 2009 anniversary of the coup that put him in power.

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