Monday, October 10, 2011

Since the United States early and vigorous attacks on Gadhafi forces advancing on Benghazi and NATO's takeover of the prosecution of these operations, the United States' role has been limited but significant, especially in regards to intelligence, communications and aerial recon, primarily by Preditor and similar non-manned planes.

You can be sure that they are using all of these resources to try to track down Gadhafi and his sons who remain on the loose in Libya.

The idea that their computers can be attacked, hacked and hit with a virus is amazing. Who has the power and capabilities of doing such a thing?

Certainly not the Gadhafis.

Report: virus hits drone computers...Battle for Gadhafi hometown intensifies... 'Poisonous language'
Posted On: 10/8/2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — There's word the computer networks the U.S. Air Force uses to control drones may have been hit by a virus. Wired magazine reports the virus captures the strokes made on keyboard and resists efforts to remove it. The Air Force says it doesn't discuss threats to its computer networks.

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