Saturday, December 3, 2011

Soccer Revolution & 2011 Pan Arab Games

In early February 2011, the revolution in Tunisia had already spread to Egypt and created unrest in other countries, so Mummar Gadhafi decided to call of a planned soccer football match between the Libyan national team and the Algerian national team, reportedly because he suspected there would be trouble. That was one of the first signs that there was something brewing under the surface of seeming normality.

Two of Gadhafi's sons played football, one of them good enough to play with the national team, and the only one privileged enough to be able to wear his name his jersey.

Other members of the national team eventually joined the revolution and actively fought with the rebel fighters.

Rebel fighter kicks soccer ball past Gadhafi's burning Tripoli compound in August.

Then in September, after the fall of Triopli, the underdog Tripoli team won a playoff game that got them into the Africa games, which was viewed by thousands of people on large outdoor TVs at Martyrs Square.

Next up is the Pan Arab Games in Doah, which begin December 9 and includes Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisa and most of the revolutionary counties, as well as such stalwarts as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Iraq. It should be a fun time and good games.

2011 Pan Arab Games Schedule

Pan Arab Games 2011
2011 Pan Arab Games DOHA
Pan Arab Games. Host city Doha
Pan Arab Games. Nations participating 22
Pan Arab Games. Athletes participating 8000
Pan Arab Games. Events 29
Pan Arab Games. Opening ceremony December 9
Pan Arab Games. Closing ceremony December 23
Pan Arab Games. Stadium Khalifa International Stadium
Participating Teams
Algeria Morocco
Bahrain Oman
Comoros Palestine
Djibouti Qatar
Egypt Saudi Arabia
Iraq Somalia
Jordan Sudan
Kuwait Tunisia
Lebanon United Arab Emirates

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