Friday, September 2, 2011

Scores from Around the Revolutionary League

Latest developments in Arab world's unrest
By The Associated Press – September 1, 2011
Moammar Gadhafi warns from hiding that tribes loyal to him are well armed and preparing for battle, hours after rebels hoping for a peaceful surrender extend the deadline for loyalist forces to give up in the longtime Libyan leader's hometown. Gadhafi's audio statement, broadcast by Syrian-based Al-Rai TV, comes as the rebels say they are closing in on the former dictator. "We won't surrender again; we are not women, we will keep fighting," Gadhafi retorts.
A Syrian attorney general has appeared on video declaring his resignation to protest President Bashar Assad's crackdown on a 5-month-old uprising, saying security forces killed hundreds of people in the city of Hama and arrested thousands of "peaceful protesters." The video of Adnan Bakkour, attorney general for the central Hama province, appears to show a high-ranking defection from the embattled regime. The state-run news agency says "terrorists" kidnapped Bakkour and forced him to make the recording, and Bakkour denies that in a second video.
A spokesman for Bahrain's Interior Ministry, Tariq al-Hassan, disputes allegations from Bahrain's human rights activists who say a 14-year-old protester died of a head injury caused by a police tear gas canister fired to disperse a group of anti-government demonstrators during a rally. "The injury to the (boy's) neck is not consistent with claims that he was hit by a tear gas canister," al-Hassan tells a news conference in the capital Manama. "It cannot leave that kind of mark," he says. The death of the boy is expected to spark more protest rallies.
Yemeni military and medical officials say 30 al-Qaida suspects have been killed in U.S. airstrikes and clashes with Yemeni soldiers in al-Qaida-held cities in the south. A military official says that the U.S. aircraft bombed al-Qaida positions seized by militants taking advantage of the political turmoil in the country. Yemen has seen mass protests against longtime President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The airstrikes free a Yemeni military unit besieged in southeast Abyan for several weeks by al-Qaida militants.
A group that monitors militant media says Al-Qaida's North African branch is claiming to have killed or wounded scores of Algerian security forces in 32 attacks since early July. The SITE monitoring group says extremist websites carried a statement by Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. It claims the attacks between July 7 and Aug. 29 killed or wounded more than 200 people. The country has seen a rise in attacks and clashes with militants in recent months, reported by security officials and local media.

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