Sunday, June 26, 2011

Libyan National Football Team

This might be the Algerian team, not the Libyan national team.

In any case, after the success of the Tunisian revolution, in early February, 2011, the Libyan national team was scheduled to play a game - (a friendly?) match against the Algerian team, but it was cancelled because the governments of both countries were afraid of having so many people together in one place and thought it might be safer to cancel it.

That, of course, should have triggered the interests of intelligence analysts interested in predicting unrest, and is what instigated me to start a blog on the revolution and begin a chronology and timeline of events.

The title Revolutionary Program stems sports programs you buy at a game that gives you the names, numbers and positions of players and details about the teams, with the idea that the revolution should be covered like a beat reporter covers a sports team or one sport in general.

At first I tried to report or cover what was happening in all the countries where the revolt has reached - from Tunisia to Egypt, Bahrain, Yeman, Syria, and even touching on Algeria, Morocco, Spain and Saudi Arabia, but Libya took center stage after Feb. 15, and I have to focus on Libya because I happen to know something about it and its history.

Also see by for deep background on US-Libya relations over the past 200 years.

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